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StuxNet Sunday

Now in Stuxnet-Sunday we would discuss about the devastating malware the cyber world has ever witnessed.
Stuxnet is a malicious software that was detected in 2010 and the surpising about this malware was that it was coded in such a way that it would erase itself in 2012. It is believed that it an American-Israeli cyberweapon.
Stuxnet was coded in such way that it targets the PLC or Programmable Logic Circuit.PLC are hardware part that is considered most important in the industries that makes the automation of the various process possible.
Stuxnet is a combination of two malwares.First part is worm that helps the stuxnet to spread freely in a network and second is the rootkit that gave stuxnet the ability of camoflauging its activity.
It was identified in an Iranian nuclear power plant. It was introduced using an usb flash driver.It has ability of controlling the centrifuge of nuclear power plant through the PLCs.The centrifuge is used as a cooling system in a nuclear power plant.

Now just i…

Spamming Saturday

Now in Spamming-Saturday we will discuss about what spamming is ???
Spamming or Electronic spamming is the process of sending unrelated or rubbish mail to unrelated individuals using electronic mailing systems. The content of spam mails usually includes advertisements. Different varieties of spamming are mentioned below:
·Instant messaging spam·Usenet newsgroup spam·Web search engine spam·Spam in blogs·Wiki spam·Online Classified ads spam·Junk Fax Transmissions·Social Spam
Spamming are basically used by advertiser as means of spreading a particular advertisements in a mass level. But what we have to take a notice of is that spamming are consider as the primary step for online scams usually done my cyber criminals or online cons etc. One such famous online scam is the Nigerian Scam.
Spammers usually get the email ids, phone numbers etc. of people from unknown source in back markets. Now, how can you prevent yourself from getting spammed?

The only measure that we can do is to not provide our …

Forensics Friday

We will discuss about Computer Forensics which is a part of forensics. Forensics is a vast ocean and computer forensics is an important part of it especially now-a-days. The knowledge of Computer forensics is used especially after a cyber attack takes place to determine the cause of attack which will eventually give a perfect lead to the origin of attack and the attacker will be tracked down.
The main goal of Computer forensics are as mentioned below:

Each process in done in the pretext of  evidence.
There are forensics teams in various fields ,especially in Law enforcements that usually investigates the cyber crimes. Digital evidence can be stated as down-breaking not only for cyber crimes but also for case that comes to a dead end due a less physical evidence.
The cyber/computer forensics investigator are keen to identify the digital evidence in crime scene or the area of cyber-attack. After identifying the evidence the investigator takes…

Threat Thursday

In Threat-Thursday we will be discussing about common but devastating threats that we are supposed to come across in the digital world. Common threats in the world of cyber security are listed down:- ·Botnet·DDoS·Hacking·Malware·Pharming·Phishing·Ransomware·Spam·Spoofing·Spyware·Trojan Horses·Virus·Wi-Fi Eavesdropping·Worms

Botnet:-             When the attacker wants to launch a mass attack like DDoS then he/she infects few of the other Computer by exploiting its security vulnerabilities. And in this way Computer that comes under the infection of the attacker becomes Bots to the attacker and the network of these bots and collectively known as Botnets.
DDoS:-             DDoS is the abbreviation of Distributed Denial of Service attack in which the attacker uses the botnet to launch a denial of service attack on desired target. Now, denial of service attack means the type of attack in which the attack intentionally sends a huge beam of useless packets to the target that eventually dismantles…

Worm Wednesday

WORM Wednesday
We hope you all got well informed from our Trojan-Tuesday post. And now in Worm-Wednesday we will be discussing about one of the type of malware that is known widely as "WORM".
Worms are computer malware programs that coded with the intention of spreading from one computer system to another. They usually rely on networks and security loopholes to spread from one computer to another computer. Worms can be label as one man army because it does not need to attach itself with any of the existing program.
One of its quality that makes it lethal is its self-replicating ability. Worms replicate itself once it is inside a network or a system.
What harm could that possibly cause??
Well, in case of network if the worm starts self-replicating itself within a network then at some point of time it will start eating the bandwidth of the network causing the network to slow down and eventually connection losses.
Now, in case of computer the self-replicating quality of worm will lea…

Trojan Tuesday

Trojan-Tuesday we will be discussing about one malware in particular i.e. "TROJAN HORSE". Actually there is a story behind how this malware got its name. The incident took place way back in the history when the Greeks were trying to invade the city of Troy.
The people living in the city of Troy were known as Trojans. During the war between the Greeks and the Trojans, Greeks surrendered and gave a huge wooden horse as a memento to the Trojans. The Greeks sailed back and the Trojans took the wooden horse into their city as a symbol of victory. The master plan behind the wooden horse was that the Greeks filled the wooden horse with few number of their soldiers before the Trojans took it into their city. Now when the dawn came the soldiers creped out of the wooden horse and secured the path for rest of the troop to get inside the city to launch the attack. Eventually Greeks invaded the city of Troy.
Now in cyber security Trojan horse works in a similar way .It is coded in such a w…

MalWare Monday

In Malware-Monday we will be discussing about malwares. Malwares are the biggest threat as of now that the world is facing from the darkest world of cyber space.

Malware is the abbreviation of Malicious Software. Malicious software are software that are intended to abrupt the process of computer or mobile systems. Abruption the process technically means that malwares enter the system, escalate their permissions and shortly starts to gather sensitive information from system and use those sensitive information for the purpose that they are designed for.

Malware are piece of code that are coded by intellectual programmer .A Programmer can easily meld the malware according to the purpose that they want to accomplish within the system.
So let’s look into various categories of malwares. They are as mentioned below:-
VirusesTrojan horsesRootkitsAdwareWormKey-loggersBackdoorsRogue Security softwareRansom-wareBrowser Hijackers
Virus:-             It is a computer program that are usually hidden behin…