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Kali Linux on Android using Linux Deploy

Kali Linux on any Android Phone or Tablet Getting Kali Linux to run on ARM hardware has been a major goal for us since day one. So far, we’ve built native images for the Samsung Chromebook, Odroid U2, Raspberry Pi, RK3306, Galaxy Note 10.1, CuBox, Efika MX, and BeagleBone Black to name a few. This however does not mean you cannot install Kali Linux in a chroot on almost any modern device that runs Android. In fact, the developers of Linux Deploy have made it extremely easy to get any number of Linux distributions installed in a chroot environment using a simple GUI builder.
PREREQUISITESA device running Android 2.1 and above, rooted.At least 5 GB free space on internal or external storage.A fast, wireless internet connection.Patience to wait for a distribution to bootstrap from the network. CONFIGURING LINUX DEPLOY FOR KALI There’s actually very little to be done to get Kali installed. By choosing Kali Linux in the “Distribution” tab, you’ve pretty much covered the important stuff. Opti…

15-Year-Old JasBug Vulnerability Affects All Versions of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft just issued a critical patch to fix a 15-year-old vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers to remotely hijack users’ PCs running all supported versions of Windows operating system.
The critical vulnerability — named "JASBUG" by the researcher who reported the flaw — is due to a flaw in the fundamental design of Windows that took Microsoft more than 12 months to release a fix. However, the flaw is still unpatched in Windows Server 2003, leaving the version wide open to the hackers for the remaining five months.
HACKERS CAN EASILY HIJACK YOUR WINDOWS MACHINE The vulnerability (CVE-2015-0008) could allow an attacker to easily hijack a domain-configured Windows system if it is connected to a malicious network – wirelessly or wired, giving attacker consent to do various tasks including, to go forth and install programs; delete, alter or peruse users' data; or to create new accounts with full user rights.
However, Jasbug vulnerability do not affects home user…

Facebook Launches Free Mobile Internet Service In India

Last year, the founder of the Social Network giant highlighted the future of universal Internet access, the dream that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to fulfill — Making Internet access available to everyone across the world just like a service as essential as of 911 in the case of an emergency.
Dreams are transforming into Reality!!Facebook’s app has launched in India to offer free Internet access to a set of websites for users in seven different circles, including Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Kerala., with motto 'Internet for All', named after a project developed by the world’s biggest social network site Facebook to expand Internet access to "the next 5 billion people" around the world who currently don't have it.
Facebook has tied up with India's Reliance Communications in an effort to provide free Internet services to users on mobile phones, making India the first country in Asia t…