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10 Tips for Internet Security

Here is a list of 10 simple Internet security tips to maximize your online protection:

1 Always install a good antivirus software and keep it up-to-date. Also install a good anti-spyware to keep spyware away from your computer.

2 Always visit known and trusted websites. If you are about to visit an unknown website, ensure that you do not click on those untrusted links and banners.

3 Perform a virus scan on the files/email attachments that you download before executing them.

4 Regularly update your operating system and browser software. For a better security, it is recommended that you surf the Internet through the latest version of your browser program.

5 Never share your password (email, bank logins etc.) with any one for any reason. Choose a strong password (A blend of alphanumeric+special symbols) and change it regularly, eg. every 3 months. Avoid using easy-to-guess passwords. (ex. pet’s name or kid’s name)

6 Always type the URL of the website in your browser’s address bar to enter the …