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Facebook Introduced “Buy” Button

The social network has placed a “buy” button on adverts for products that would allow its users to pay for them directly from the ads without leaving Facebook. The “buy” button will be visible from ads on both desktop and mobile app versions of the social network. It will also be seen on product page posts from brands. By clicking on it, the user will be connected directly with the retailer.

Facebook announced that this feature was built with privacy in mind. The company pointed out that it was trying to make the payment experience both safe and secure. As such, none of the credit or debit card information users would be sharing with Facebook when completing a transaction can be shared with other advertisers. In addition, it will be up to users whether or not they’d like to save payment information for future purchases.
The feature is testing now, limited to a few small- and medium-sized businesses in the United States. In the meantime, it is expected to help both advertisers and users. …

Cyber Police Pursue Shylock Malware

International law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, the German Federal Police and Europol, are leading a global campaign with the aim to knock out the Shylock malware. The latter infected at least 30,000 computers running Windows across the globe and siphon off money from victims’ online banking accounts. The agencies located and seized command and control servers for Shylock. The malware was dubbed “Shylock”, because quotes from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice were found in its code. The website domains used to control the malicious software were also shut down, and the global cyber police met a few days ago in the operational centre at the European Cybercrime Centre at Europol in The Hague. Their representatives say they continue to urge everyone to make sure their OS and anti-virus software are updated and relevant. Most victims of the malware were based in the United Kingdom. Users in the United States, Italy and Turkey have also suffered from the malware, which emerged in l…

Apple Has Backdoors in iOS?

The online debates continue to grow, and Apple might have to explain to its customers why iOS features installed backdoors. According to the security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, Apple might have deliberately installed security holes in its devices running iOS. 

Jonathan Zdziarski, when at the HOPE security conference, demonstrated some “undocumented high-value forensic services’ that can be found running on every iOS device, along with some suspicious design omissions in the operating system that made collection easier. Finally, Zdziarski also pointed at the examples of forensic artefacts acquired which “should never come off the device” without user consent.

The security researcher believes that the tech giant did that all the while it shored up the security in the rest of the iOS in order to make it harder to break in. The interesting thing is that the iPhone proves to be reasonably secure to a typical hacker, with the iPhone 5 and iOS 7 being more secure from everybody except App…

Android L Developer Preview

Are you a android developer ,You want to customize your app according to latest android L.Yes latest version of android in out,Android L Developer Preview Get an early look at the next release and get your apps ready when the platform officially launches.

1.A New UI Design
Create a consistent experience across mobile and the web with material design, the new Google-wide standard.

2.A New Runtime
Test your apps and get them ready for ART (Android Runtime), the default runtime in the next release.

3.Enhanced Notifications
Get control over where notifications appear, how they look, and how they sync to non-handheld devices.

4.Increased Efficiency
Project Volta is our effort to make the platform energy efficient and to give you more control over resource usage.

5.Issue Tracker
Let us know when you encounter problems, so we can fix them and make the platform better for you and your users.

Join the community of Android developers testing out the L Developer Preview and share your thoughts an…