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All the New Stuff in iOS 7

Apple announced iOS 7 with a ton of new features, a complete overhaul to the interface, and plenty more. Here are all the new features.
New User Interface
The biggest difference with iOS 7 is a brand new interface. From the lock screen to each of the apps, the entire system is overhauled. Apple has moved away from the ridiculed skeuomorphic design in favor of a simpler look. Calendar, messages, weather, mail, the notification center, and more have been overhauled with the new look. Control Center
Control Center adds a quick-toggles bar to iOS so you can change brightness, add a flashlight, do not disturb, turn on airplane mode, and plenty more. Multitasking
Multitasking now works for all apps. iOS tracks your app usage and decides when and how to give an app background cycles. So, if you're opening something like Facebook all the time, then Facebook is updated more often. Push notifications also trigger a background state in apps so that when you open the app it'll be updated. Sw…

Ultrabook Vs. Laptop

Ever since Intel announced the concept of ultrabook, the tech giants has started manufacturing this evolved form of laptops and today you can see them dominating the market. These ultrabook has bought revolution in the market as the future of laptops and are said to replace the netbooks and tablets. If you are planning to buy one of these forms of laptop first know which suites your usage better.

[B]1. Totally Different[/B]

Ultrabooks are totally different from laptops. They are lighter, faster, thinner and more portable than regular laptops. Ultrabooks are made with specific guidelines; they should be within the 20 mm thickness, highly powerful with lower power consumption using Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors.

[B]2. Portability[/B]

Portability is the main difference between ultrabook and a laptop, without compromising the performance. The display size is as same as the laptops in various sizes. But ultrabooks are mainly concentrated to be slim and lightweight, within 20 mm thickness and…