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Best 25 Google Hack tricks.

Hello friends today,as we all know google is the best search engine in the world that provide information related to our problem. I am going to show you some funny and amazing tricks that you can do with google and share it with your friends as all tricks are simple to implement and interesting to see effect on google.

1.Google Gravity
With this cool trick ,you are going to see google logo,search box and all other stuffs on the google page falling down to the buttom of the browser .just write google gravity in google search box.

2. elgooG
As by its name it will show you the mirror image of google
just typing the elgoog in the search engine.

3.Pacman on Google
You can play pacman game on google  as well as control it with your keyboard . To playpacman game click
 on the pacman on google above or text pacman google in google search box

This will tilt on the google screen  text the tilt in google search box

5. Epic Google
It will increase the size of google each component bigge…

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing:

Although there are many free cell phone tracking software programs available online, not all are reliable. I introduce you to two software programs that can let you track cell phones for free.

1. Google Latitude :

Google search engine has recently launched the 'Google Latitude' service which can let you track a cell phone for free. To be able to track your child's cell phone location, using this service, you will have to install this program on his or her phone and make sure that he has added you as a friend on Google Latitude log in. Once you are connected with him, you can easily track his whereabouts by installing Google Latitude on your phone too. You can easily track the location of friends and family on Google maps, using this facility. Most importantly, this service does not require your phone to be GPS enabled.

2. Buddyway :

Another online service which provides you with a similar facility to track cell phone location is Buddyway. Install the Buddyway application on th…

Increase your 20% more Internet Speed without any tool.

Before you do this steps you can check your current speed and after applying following steps, try again to check speed.
Speed Tester

1. Open Run by pressing Win + R or select from start menu.
2. Type "gpedit.msc" in run and hit Enter.
3. Click on "Administrative Templates" from left side list.
4. Now double click on "Network" from right side list.
5. Again double click on "QoS Packet Scheduler"
6. Open "Limit outstanding packets" by double clicking on and select "Enable" and give "0" value to the Number of packets field and "OK"
7. Now Open "Limit reservable bandwidth" and do the same thing as step 6 and "OK"
8.Close all windows and restart the system. Your Done !
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Access your shortcut virus removable drive's file !!!!


1. Attach your Removable drive.

2. Open RUN by pressing (window key + R) or from start button.

3. Type "CMD" and hit ENTER.

4. Now type command : "attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.*" without quotation marks but type your Removable Drive's Letter (You can find your removable drive's letter from "My Computer") where I put 'G' and hit ENTER and wait for few seconds.

5. Open "My Computer" and check your Removable Drive and access your files.

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-> Core i3:
* Entry level processor.
* 2-4 Cores
* 4 Threads
* Hyper-Threading ­ (efficient use of processor resources)
* 3-4 MB Cache
* 32 nm Silicon (less heat and energy)

-> Core i5:
* Mid range processor.
* 2-4 Cores
* 4 Threads
* Turbo Mode (turn off core if not used)
* Hyper-Threading ­ (efficient use of processor resources)
* 3-8 MB Cache
* 32-45 nm Silicon (less heat and energy)

-> Core i7:
* High end processor.
* 4 Cores
* 8 Threads
* Turbo Mode (turn off core if not used)
* Hyper-Threading ­ (efficient use of processor resources)
* 4-8 MB Cache
* 32-45 nm Silicon (less heat and energy)
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How to Get Email ids of your all Facebook Friends ?

How to Get Email ids of your
all Facebook Friends using yahoo id...... If you want to know email id
of your facebook friends which is hidden and not
showing in your friends facebook profile so here is the
trick through which you can get email addresses of your all.

facebook friends . Just Follow Below Given Simple Steps : 
Step 1 – If your facebook
account is not connected with
Yahoo id then first Create an
email id in yahoo and connect
your facebook account with
yahoo Email Id . 
Step 2 -Now Login to Yahoo
Mail and then go to the
Contacts Tab. 
Step 3 – Click on Import Contatcs. 
Step 4 – Now Click on Facebook.
Step 5 - In Pop Up You will get
Message that Do you want to
Share your Contacts with
Yahoo ! Click on OK .
Step 6 – Now you will getMessage
Step 7 – Thats it ! Click on View imported contacts and See you
facebook friends Email Ids .Note:For Gmail id we will post process soon.

Create your own Run

Create your own Run

1. Goto Start > Run (or press
Win+R).  2. Enter %windir% and press
enter to open the Windows
Directory.  3. Goto File > New > Shortcut.  4. Go through the wizard to
create a shortcut to the desired
program, the name you give
to the shortcut is what you
type in the Run dialog to start
the program.

How to Add all frnds in a group with a single click..Mozilla firefox tricks

How to Add all frnds in a group with a single click..


Make Sure you are using Firefox browser.
If U don't have Firefox Browser then please download it from

Now go onto the top left hand side of Browser then click of Firefox --> Bookmark --> Right click --> Then click on new Bookmark.
In the New Bookmark Window put Name as " ADD " and paste this Javascript in Location and click on ADD.


Now go the Group Page and click on that Bookmark which u made and wait for a minute then automatically ur all friends will be added in a group.


Make sure you are using Chrome browser.
If U don't have chrome Browser then please Download it from

Now Goto Bookmark --> Bookmark Manager --> Right …

Is It really Possible to Hide Profile from facebook search?

Yes,you can hide your facebook profile from facebook search.Basically facebook provides you with three options as follows:-

1. Everyone can search your profile on facebook
2. Only Your friends and friends of friends can search your profile
3. Only your friends can search your profile
For those who are really frustrated by daily unwanted friends request should select either 2 or 3 option.
Here is the complete step by step tutorial with screenshots on How To Hide Your Profile On Facebook
1. Login into your facebook account.
2. Click on Account on top right side.

How do I change my IP address?

Do as given step belowSteps:- 1.Get to a command prompt. (START, run, cmd).
2.Type "ipconfig /release" (without the quotes, on the command line by itself). 3.Type "ipconfig /renew" (without the quotes, on the command line by itself). Windows (second option) - Computer connected directly to the modem 1.Get to a command prompt. (START, run, cmd). 2.Type "ipconfig /release" (without the quotes). 3.Shut down computer. 4.Turn off computer. 5.Turn off all ethernet hubs/switches. 6.Turn off cable/DSL modem. 7.Leave off overnight. 8.

5 Tips to Help Protect Your Network from a DDoS Attack

While distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are nothing new, in the last year, we have seen larger, stealthier, more targeted and more sophisticated attacks than ever before, elevating the growing need for DDoS protection for companies of all sizes that conduct business online or are highly dependent on their online brand and reputation. A denial-of-service (DoS) attack occurs when traffic is sent from one host to another computer with the intent of disrupting an online application or service. A DDoS attack occurs when multiple hosts (such as compromised PCs) are leveraged to carry out and amplify an attack. Attackers usually create the denial-of-service condition by either consuming server bandwidth or by impairing the server itself. Typical targets include Web servers, DNS servers, application servers, routers, firewalls, and Internet bandwidth. The following five tips can help you protect your online assets from a DDoS attack.
5 Tips for DDoS Protection:
Centralize Data Gatheri…

How to Delete Email Account ?

1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
2. Click on your name or email address at the top of the page, and then select Account settings from the drop-down menu.
3. In the "My products" section, click the Edit.

4. Click Delete Gmail Service and fill in the required fields.
its shows as pic given below:

How to recall sent mails from Gmail ?

1. First Login into your Gmail Account.
2. Go to setting option and find the Labs option.
3. Then go to Undo Send option and enable it. Then click on Save Changes.
4. Then go to compose Mail. And send mail.
5.  By default, Gmail gives you a 10-second window of time in which you may undo a sent e-mail

if you want the send mail back then go to undo option . Your sending mail will be back

How to delete recent searches in windows 7

To delete all the Windows Explorer searches

Step 1   :- go to the Windows Orb (Start). 

Step 2   :-type regedit.

Step 3  :-press Enter and in the left pane navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\WordWheelQuery. Right click on WordWheelQuery and click Delete. 

Step 4  :- The key will be recreated next time you ‘do’ a search’.

Step 5  :-It is prudent to make a backup of the registry or create a system restore point before making any registry changes.

Do you know.....who are accessing your email accounts ?

Do you know, there is no privacy in technology even if huge internet companies give their assurances to protect your data and privacy, you are about to find out the reason. Microsoft gave access to intercept encrypted messages and user’s communication to US intelligence services, including helping National Security Agency to use the company’s own encryption for top-secret documents. Now NSA can access web chats on new portal , even they can intercept hotmail. The company worked with the FBI this year to allow NSA easier access to its cloud storage service SkyDrive, which now has more than 250 million users worldwide. Files shows that Microsoft handed the encryption even before its official launch. Microsoft also worked with the FBI’s data intercept unit to “understand” the potential issue with a feature in that allows user to create aliases. Nine months after Microsoft bought Skype , NSA is collecting the Skype video calls. NSA claimed to have “Direct Access” …

shortcuts for Linux user

Keyboard Shortcuts For Ubuntu !
General keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + A = Select all
Ctrl + C = Copy the highlighted content to clipboard
Ctrl + V = Paste the clipboard content
Ctrl + N = New (Create a new document, not in terminal)
Ctrl + O = Open a document
Ctrl + S = Save the current document
Ctrl + P = Print the current document
Ctrl + W = Close the close document
Ctrl + Q = Quit the current application

Keyboard shortcuts for GNOME desktop

Ctrl + Alt + F1 = Switch to the first virtual terminal
Ctrl + Alt + F2(F3)(F4)(F5)(F6) = Select the different virtual terminals
Ctrl + Alt + F7 = Restore back to the current terminal session with X
Ctrl + Alt + Backspace = Restart GNOME
Alt + Tab = Switch between open programs
Ctrl + Alt + L = Lock the screen.
Alt + F1 = opens the Applications menu
Alt + F2 = opens the Run Application dialog box.
Alt + F3 = opens the Deskbar Applet
Alt + F4 = closes the current window.
Alt + F5 = unmaximizes the current window
Alt + F7 = move the current window
Alt +…