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10 Free Hack Guides!

Start hacking the world with these free hack guides. Have fun!

If you have just entered the world of hacking, you might want to try your hands on different platforms. So here we bring to you 10 hack guides for Linux, Windows, Mac and many other platforms. 

1. PDF Hacks

The description of the book says, “PDF Hacks is ideal for anyone who works with PDFs on a regular basis. Learn how to create PDF documents that are far more powerful than simple representations of paper pages. Hacks cover the full range of PDF functionality, including generating, manipulating, annotating, and consuming PDF information. Far more than another guide to Adobe Acrobat, the book covers a variety of readily available tools for generating, deploying, and editing PDF.”

2. BSD Hacks

The description of the book says, “Looking for a unique set of practical tips, tricks, and tools for administrators and power users of BSD systems? From hacks to customize the user environment to networking, securing the system, and optimi…

10 Toughest IT Certifications Ever!

You think getting IT certifications is a cake walk? These 10 IT certifications will make you think again!

Do you think IT certifications are boring or it is not tough to get an IT certification? Well, you have come to the right place. We bring to you 10 toughest IT certifications ever to break and redo the myths. These programmes have been listed on the basis of 3 basic criteria, 1. difficulty level of basic requirements to sit in the exam, 2. difficulty level of exam preparations, 3. difficulty level of the final examination.

So here we go:

10. Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE)

Specialization: Wireless

It’s the highest vendor-neutral wireless certification. 109 people have this title.

To become a CWNE, you must have valid CWSP, CWAP, CWDP and CWNA certifications; three years of documented enterprise Wi-Fi implementation experience; three professional endorsements; two other valid networking certifications and documentation of three enterprise Wi-Fi projects, in which you participate…

58 Cool Linux Hacks!

Are you ready to try your hands on these cool Linux hacks! Set your machine on and get started! Fix a wonky terminal Difficulty: Easy Application: bash
We've all done it - accidentally used less or cat to list a file, and ended up viewing binary instead. This usually involves all sorts of control codes that can easily screw up your terminal display. There will be beeping. There will be funny characters. There will be odd colour combinations. At the end of it, your font will be replaced with hieroglyphics and you don't know what to do. Well, bash is obviously still working, but you just can't read what's actually going on! Send the terminal an initialisation command: reset and all will be well again.  Creating Mozilla keywords Difficulty: Easy Application: Firefox/Mozilla
A useful feature in Konqueror is the ability to type gg onion to do a Google search based on the word onion. The same kind of functionality can be achieved in Mozilla by first clicking on Bookmark…