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LA Hospital pays $17,000 Ransome to Hacker for Unlocking Medical Records

Once again the heat was felt by the Los Angeles-based Presbyterian Medical Center when a group of hackers had sealed all its sensitive files and demanded $17,000 USD to regain the access to those compromised data. The devastation of the compromised files can be pitched as:
Compromised emailsLockout Electronic Medical Record System [EMR]Encrypted patient dataUnable to carry CT Scans of the admitted patientsFerried risky patients to nearby hospitals...and much more unexplained outcomes.
Hospital End up Paying $17,000 As the situation was grown out of wild, the hospital paid 40 Bitcoins (Roughly US $17,000) to the Ransomware Criminals to resume their medical operations after gaining the decryption keys. "The quickest and most efficient way to restore our systems and administrative functions was to pay the ransom and obtain the decryption key," the hospital CEO Allen Stefanek said in a letter. All the electronic medical system were restored back soon after unlocking the encrypted file…

Anonymous Hackers breach South Africa’s Department of Water Affairs

3 Mega Acquisitions in last week affects the Internet Space of India

Qihoo 360 buys Opera in $1.2 Billion Opera Software intends to accept a $1.2 billion acquisition offer from a group of Chinese companies. The Chinese consortium includes Internet security company Qihoo 360, Internet firm Beijing Kunlun (which invested roughly$93 millioninto Grindr earlier in the year) and investment group Golden Brick and Yonglian. According to Opera, the $1.2 billion is a 56 percent premium over Opera's share price during the last 30 trading days. Despiteclaiming350 million users, the company's browser has struggled in the oversaturated Western market. China could be a profitable arena for Opera, in part because Google's Chrome browserdoes not come preinstalled on Android phones in China like it does elsewhere. In addition, doing business in China without local partners is nigh impossible, but Opera could leverage the networks of Kunlun and Qihoo 360 if the deal goes through.

Snapdeal Buys Freecharge in $400Million e-commerce marketplace Snapdeal has acquired …

White House Will Hire Chief Information Security Officer

The White House is seeking to hire its first ever Chief Information Security Officer – this position is a must-have at many companies and local governments, but for some reason not at the federal level – even despite complaints from security experts and lawmakers. In the absence of such position, the US government has sometimes had problems with various agencies as it has sought to respond to the latest breach.
The government explained that the Chief Information Security Officer will focus on coordinating cyber security across federal agencies and will be housed within the Office of Management and Budget at the White House. It is also known that the position is expected to fill in 2 to 3 months. Apparently, the US government finally decided to place a greater priority on cyber security, even though the solution to this problem is simply putting someone person in charge of fixing it.

Actually, the government already has offices in charge of preventing hackers from breaching into governme…

Indian Revenue Service website hacked by suspected Pakistan-based groups

Suspected Pakistan-based groups have hacked the official website of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) belonging to the income tax (I-T) department. Officials said the website——was hacked early on Saturday,6 February 2016 and it has been rendered inaccessible since then. They said messages were posted on the link such as “Pakistan Zindabad” and “we are team Pak cyber attacker”. The website, which acts as an official communicator for official work between the Central Board of Direct Taxes and the I-T department’s field offices in the country, has put up a message saying, “We’ll be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment.”
The technical team handling the website has sent a report in this regard to the Computer Emergency Response Team of India, which is the nodal agency to combat hacking, phishing and to fortify defences of the Indian Internet domain.

Gujarat High Court’s official website hacked by Pakistani hackers

Gujarat High Court’s official website has been hacked on 6 February 2016, Pakistan cyber hackers have attacked the Recruitment option of High Court site The site is hacked by PCA FAISAL 1337 Hacked by Faisal 1337 We are Team Pak Cyber Attackers,  High court recruitment website into the message being put option Kashmir Indian troops are killing innocent civilians. Pakistani hackers put the above message to the Indian government and people of India. 

Do you know what your so called hero's (soldiers) are doing in Kashmir? Do you know they are killing many innocent poeople in Kashmir? Nothing deleted, or stolen. Just here to deliver my message to the government and the people of India. :) Where is the security? Greets to all Pakistani Hackers. Pakistan Zindabad

A Hacker Leaks Over 80 Miami Police Officers Information