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100 Best Hacking Tools!

Wireless Hacking:These are tools that help you hack into wireless networks. Wireless hacking tools though useful, do not make you a complete hacker. In order to achieve that, you must learn the different ways in which a secure network can be accessed. Also, you should work on making your own network as secure as possible.





Intrusion Detection Systems:Intrusion detection tools are one of the most important part of any security arrangement. They allow you to detect those threats that are potentially dangerous for your system.



Port Scanners



3.Angry IP Scanner

Encryption Tools:In an age where more and more governments are being found spying on their own citizens, encryption is the word of the day. These tools allow you to encrypt your data so that even if someone does get through, they can’t get to the data easily.







Extensions To Make Google Chrome A Penetration Testing Tool!

1. Web Developer:As the name suggests, this extension adds a toolbar to your Chrome browser, which gives it various web development tools. It helps in analysing web application elements lie JS and HTML.

2. Firebug Lite for Google Chrome:Analyse HTML elements, DOM elements and Box Model shading along with live CSS editing capabilities with this extension. Add it to Google Chrome to start.

3. d3coder:This is a penetration testing tool for Google Chrome, which allows the users to encode and decode selected text using a context menu. So, you don’t have to use separate tools in order to encode and decode strings, which saves
you a lot of time.

4. Site Spider:This is a web crawler, which crawls through all web pages and reports back with all the broken links on them. You can add restrictions to the crawler as well and it works on the client side.

5. Form Fuzzer:This Chrome extension is used in order to populate predefined characters into different form fields on a website. You can also use this …

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

■ Clone a website ■ Obtain user names and passwords using the Credential Harvester method ■ Generate reports for conducted penetration tests
Tools Needed
■ Run this tool in BackTrack Virtual Machine ■ Web browser with Internet access ■ Administrative privileges to run tools

Steps :-
1. Log in to your BackTrack virtual machine.
2. Select Applications -> BackTrack -> Exploitation Tools -> Social  Engineering Tools       -> Social Engineering Toolkit and click Set.

3. A Terminal window for SET will appear. Type y and press Enter to agree to the terms     of service.

4. You will be presented will a list o f menus to select the task. Type 1 and press Enter        to select  the Social-Engineering Attacks option.

5. A list o f menus in Social-Engineering Attacks will appear; type 2 and press Enter to     select Website Attack Vectors.

6. In the next set o f menus that appears, type 3 and press Enter to select the                       Credential Harvester Attack Method.