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Google is shutdown its Orkut social network on September 30

Orkut grew out of Google’s 20 percent initiative , which allowed employees to use a fifth of their working week on side projects. Of course, the social network has since been supplanted by Google+, a more ambitious service that ties into many of Google’s other products. The decision to close Orkut is therefore hardly surprising – the fact it took so long is probably more of a shock.

Starting today, it will be impossible for newcomers to create a new Orkut account. Existing users can access the service as normal, however; Google says the three-month period should “give the community time to manage the transition.” Orkut enthusiasts can also export their profile data , community posts and photos using Google Takeout.
Orkut has been around for a decade and to mark its legacy, Google will preserve all of the site’s public communities in an archive. It’s a nice gesture, although users can choose to opt-out by decoupling Orkut from their Google account.
“It’s been a great 10 years, and we apol…

Windows' Next Version Is Called Windows 10

Whether you're going to miss the Charms bar or not, users likely have a list of things they love (or loath) about Windows 8. We've already had a few hints at what to expect in the next version -- the classic start menu for example. Now, we have some videos (below) purportedly showing the Windows 10 in action (or, a fairly complete build of it, at least). Some of the more interesting features shown include a revised, (unified) Notification Center, a demonstration of how Multi-Desktop will work, and of course, that beloved start menu. Naturally, all usual caveats apply (things could change, and probably will), but, as Windows 9 creeps further out of the shadows, we're getting a clearer picture of what sort of user experience we can expect.

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Russian Hackers Publish 5 Million Username and Passwords of Gmail Accounts

On Tuesday, approximately 5 million Google accounts and their passwords were leaked on the Russian Bitcoin Security forum A forum user named tvskit created a topic that included the leaked accounts and said that approximately 60% of the accounts were still valid. At this time, Google has not verified whether the leak is valid and there have been reports that this information is just a compilation of older leaks that go back a few years.

A password redacted version of the leaked file was then posted in the /netsec/ subreddit, which can be used to determine if your account was in the leak. Numerous people in /netsec/ have confirmed that their accounts and the corresponding passwords were listed in the leak.

It is strongly suggested that you change your Google account password to be safe. If you use the same email and password at other sites, you should change it there as well.
Here is the list of Email id which are HACKED